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Logotipo de la Cámara de Comercio de Málaga - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of the province of Malaga

C/ Cortina del Muelle, nº 23, Málaga, 29015
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The Chamber is a Corporation under Public Law that is legally set up as a consultative body working in collaboration with the Public Administration, the purpose of which is the representation, promotion and defence of the general interests of trade, industry and shipping, as well as to provide services to companies engaged in those fields of business.

Members of the Chamber include any individual or corporation, whether Spanish or foreign, carrying out commercial, industrial or shipping activities in Málaga, and therefore subject to Business Tax [Impuesto de Actividades Económicas].

The work of the Chamber is based on two ideas: to administer public funding using business criteria and to return, in the form of services, the contributions that the companies make to the Chamber.

The main lines of action are:
- To encourage business vocations and the creation of companies.
- To collaborate actively in the process of simplifying the formalities in setting up a business.
- To bring the small and medium business into the information society.
- To promote innovation in busineses.
- To optimise and diversify its activity in promoting foreign trade and making companies more internationally operative.
- To re-establish and encourage Professional and Business Training.
- To modernise and act as a backup for commercial structure and trade activity.
- To operate and develop backup programmes for companies.

From the Chamber of Commerce of Málaga, in order to achieve these objectives, our work is based principally on four pillars: creation and consolidation of businesses, new technologies, internationalisation and training.

Features of establishment

The Chamber of Commerce has three office locations. Its headquarters are situated in the Villalcazar Palace, an old, 18th century building, located in the heart of the historical centre and close to the principal monuments of the city. The other two office locations are very close to the headquarters, specifically in C/. Pedro de Toledo and C/. Bolsa, perpendicular to Calle Larios, the main shopping area of the city.


If you are arriving by car, very near to the Chamber of Commerce there are several public car-parks that can be used.
If you are arriving by public transport, most of the city buses have a bus-stop in Paseo del Parque, very close to the Chamber of Commerce.
To reach Málaga, you can fly to the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport or come by train to the María Zambrano station.

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