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Arroz caldoso con bacalao - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol.

Juicy Rice Stew with Cod


This dish is similar to paella but includes one more essential element: the broth. The essence of this recipe is that the broth won’t be completely soaked up. Rice with cod is also a typical dish on the western coast of Málaga.

400 grams of rice
200 grams of cod
1 onion
1 pepper
2 tomatoes
½ litre of white wine
Olive oil
Ground pepper

Pour the olive oil into a paella dish or a large frying pan on medium heat. When the oil is nice and hot throw in the finely chopped garlic and let brown. After the garlic has browned add in the chopped onion, pepper and tomatoes.
Once the vegetables are all sautéed add in the water and spices (saffron and clove). We will also add salt and pepper to our liking while we pour in the glass of white wine (set aside a little wine for the end).
Add in the rice once this has started to boil. The rice will take about 20 minutes.
When the rice has almost finished add in the pieces of cod, preferably after desalting them first. Pour in the remaining white wine and leave on low heat for a few more minutes.
Remove from heat and let sit for a few minutes prior to serving. Patience! This trick always adds a special touch to rice dishes!

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