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Serranía de Ronda

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Number of results: 23

  1. Algatocín

  2. Alpandeire

  3. Arriate

  4. Atajate

  5. Benadalid

  6. Benalauría

  7. Benaoján

  8. Benarrabá

  9. Cartajima

  10. Cortes de la Frontera

  11. Faraján

  12. Gaucín

  13. Genalguacil

  14. Igualeja

  15. Jimera de Líbar

  16. Jubrique

  17. Júzcar

  18. Montecorto

  19. Montejaque

  20. Parauta

  21. Pujerra

  22. Ronda

  23. Serrato

Number of results:

Number of results: 23

, currently showing 1 to 20.

  1. Add Benarrabá to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Can you imagine the Costa del Sol was during the time of Al-Andalus? Its narrow streets, it flavors and its people ... In Benarrabá, the every step is a breath...

  2. Add Genalguacil to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Genalguacil is Moorish past, whitewashed houses and flower beds, active enjoyment of nature through beautiful trekking trails, and the newest contemporary...

  3. Add Montecorto to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Of prehistoric origins, Montecorto is a small town in the province of Malaga located on the slope of the mountainous hill Malaver, in the Serrania de Ronda....

  4. Add Faraján to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    In the Serrania de Ronda, Faraján extends amidst chestnut, streams and streets of Arab heritage. The steep slopes, whitewashed houses and exceptional natural...

  5. Add Cartajima to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    At 850 metres above sea level, and located in the Serrania de Ronda, Cartajima is one of the most beautiful corners of the province of Malaga. Sunsets where...

  6. Add Benalauría to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Located between the valleys of Genal and Guadiaro, Benalauría owes its name which dates back to the time of Moorish domination, namely the Berber tribes....

  7. Add Benadalid to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Benadalid is one of the white villages of the Valle del Genal (Genal Valley), with only 260 inhabitants. Its urban area has two distinct parts: one of Moorish...

  8. Add Alpandeire to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Ringed by the stunning scenery of the Genal Valley in the Serranía de Ronda, is Alpandeire, a small village with a population of just 270. The village is laid...

  9. Add Jimera de Líbar to your Itinerary

    Jimera de Líbar

    Serranía de Ronda


    Stroll through labyrinthine streets and whitewashed houses, two natural parks enjoy unparalleled ecological value or do canoeing on the river Guadiaro,...

  10. Add Atajate to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Nestled between the valleys of Guadiaro and Genal in the Serranía de Ronda, we find the small town of white houses Atajate. This town of Arab origin has only 150...

  11. Add Parauta to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Parauta is a municipality with Moorish origins located in the western part of the province of Malaga, in the Valle del Genal. With its white-washed streets,...

  12. Add Gaucín to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    In the south of the region of the Serrania de Ronda, and in the foothills of the Sierra del Hacho, Gaucin is known for its beautiful views as the 'Balcony of the...

  13. Add Arriate to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Arriate is one of the towns which makes up the  Ronda highlands in Malaga, located in the lower region of the Ronda Depression. Its name corresponds to the...

  14. Add Algatocín to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    This small village is made up of typically Andalusian white houses and is situated in the mountains between the Rivers Genal and Guadiaro in the centre of...

  15. Add Pujerra to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    The while village Pujerra is located at the top of the Valle del Genal, 770 meters above sea level. This municipality encapsulates all the charm of Andalusia...

  16. Add Jubrique to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    The union of four Moorish villages gives rise to Jubrique, a town in the Serrania de Ronda with a long tradition in the production of wines and spirits. Its...

  17. Add Benaoján to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    In Arabic layout and with steep and winding streets in the town centre, Benaojan is a municipality in the Serrania de Ronda located between the limestone massif...

  18. Add Júzcar to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Globally known for being the scene of the premiere of the film ""The Smurfs"", Júzcar has become a top destination for movie lovers. Its streets which are...

  19. Add Serrato to your Itinerary


    Serranía de Ronda


    Serrato is a little, hidden-away ‘malagueño’ village in the Ronda highlands, located in the region of Guadalteba and the Sierra de las Nieves. With barely 500...

  20. Add Cortes de la Frontera to your Itinerary

    Cortes de la Frontera

    Serranía de Ronda


    Did you know that the largest cork oak forest in Spain is located on the Costa del Sol? Specifically in Cortes de la Frontera, a municipality in...

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