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Ernst Barlach, figura de un futuro mejor - Agenda Ocio Cultural de la Provincia de Málaga y su Costa

Ernst Barlach, figures of a better future

Museo Jorge Rando, Calle Cruz del Molinillo, 12, Málaga, 29013
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Ernst Barlach was one of the most important expressionist artists of the 20th century. The exhibition Ernst Barlach, figures of a better future passes through the different creative periods of this artist by means of more than a hundred works, which include Güstrower Ehrenmal (Güstrow cenotaph, better known as "The floating angel") and Bettler (The Beggar). His creations were considered to be "degenerate art" by the Nazis. As a result, more than 400 of the artist's works were confiscated, dismantled and destroyed during the period of Nazi rule.

Barlach was a solitary figure, far removed from the cultural environment of the time. He usually avoided living amongst large groups of people and never attended the opening of his exhibitions or the first nights of the plays he wrote. In spite of this, he was a successful playwright. During his life as an artist he became very critical of war and always looked for a path towards peace and reconciliation for humanity.

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