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Turismo y Planificación Costa del Sol’s strategic goal is Sustainable Tourism Development in the Province of Malaga. To achieve this, we are aware that we must neutralise the carbon footprint that we generate during global management of the destination. Thanks to our collaboration with the Folia Project, we have planted a first forest of Pinus halepensis trees, which will offset the negative effects on the environment generated by our work.

On the other hand, at Turismo y Planificación we are aware that there is an increasingly higher ratio of tourists who seek sustainability and to offset the carbon footprint generated by their vacation in the province of Malaga. Therefore, we offer them a tool that helps them calculate the CO2 that they have produced, and to offset these emissions with reforestation projects.

With this project Turismo y Planificación offsets the carbon footprint that it generates, assists those tourists who wish to help, and includes reforestation in its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, as well as three Sustainable Development Goals.