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C/ Caminillo, 1, Serrato, 29471
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Serrato - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del SolSerratoSerratoSerrato
Serrato - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del SolSerratoSerratoSerrato
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  • Serrato is a little, hidden-away ‘malagueño’ village in the Ronda highlands, located in the region of Guadalteba and the Sierra de las Nieves. With barely 500 inhabitants, Serrato is an ideal destination to learn about rural life in the Costa del Sol and discover the natural beauty of its surroundings. The hospitality and character of its people will win you over.



    To begin your visit to Serrato, we recommend you start with the Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario. It was built at the start of the 16th century after the Christian Reconquest of the villages in the Ronda mountain range. Over the course of the last centuries, the temple has been restored on various occasions. The last restoration was in 2009.

    Furthermore, we recommend you visit the popular Fuente del Caño. It is difficult to know for sure when the fountain was built, but it was last restored in 2008. The excess water from the fountain reaches an old well, located a few metres down below, at the entrance of the village.


    To get to Serrato by car from Malaga capital, take the A-357 upon exiting the city. Once you pass Ardales, continue on the A-367 and, finally, take the turnoff on the MA-477 which leads to Serrato. The town is 80 km away from the capital of the Costa del Sol and it should take approximately 1 hour to get there.


    Nature lovers will enjoy the source of the Cañamero river. Its waters make up a stream with small waterfalls, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of leafy green forests. Moreover, many wild animals live in Serrato"s surroundings, such as foxes, wild boar, mountain goats or eagle owls. Serrato"s idyllic location makes it perfect for discovering some of the most beautiful spots in the province of Malaga.


    Serrato is a village of hospitable people and strange traditions. We invite you to discover them during the best time of the year: its festivals. On the 19th March Serrato celebrates "el Día de la Vieja" ("The Day of the Old Woman") when the town"s children make dolls, the "old women", which represent the bad moments of the year. These extravagant dolls are burned and stoned at the end of the festival during a popular pilgrimage.

    The 7th of October is the day of the town"s patron saint, the Virgen del Rosario, which is celebrated by parading with the virgin and by holding a mass in the church which bears her name.


    Serrato"s most popular dishes are made with local farm produce, such as asparagus and "tagarninas" or "golden thistles" (a wild herb found in this region). We recommend trying the "tagarninas" stew and the famous Serrato "hervía" soup, a thick vegetable soup garnished with egg, ham or oranges, amongst many other possible garnishes.

    Anyone who visits this town in the province of Malaga must not forget to try its marvellous confectionary. "Guñuelos" (a local version of "buñuelos" or Spanish doughnuts), "roscos de vino o de naranja" (wine or orange bread rolls) and sugar tarts covered in toasted almonds, are only a few of the sweet treats which can be found in every home in Serrato.

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  • Inhabitants (501-1,000)
  • Inland area

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