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Antequera - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

De tapas por Antequera: descúbrela en cada bocado


Antequera cuisine is inspired by the Stones in the Torcal, the Dolmens and the Peña de los Enamorados, but also by its delicious gardens with top-quality produce. Eat it up, one tapa at a time!

Antequera is one of the medium-sized cities in the province of Malaga that holds the most history and monuments. Located in the lowland area between Malaga and Granada, but with impressive rock formations such as El Torcal, it offers dishes that are famous on the Costa del Sol, such as the renowned porra, and it is a unique place to enjoy tapa-hopping.


On any tapa-hopping route in Antequera, one must absolutely try porra. This dish is similar to the salmorejo that is typical in Cordoba, it is a cold soup made with tomatoes, crustless bread, oil, salt, green pepper and garlic. It is served cold, in a bowl, with cured serrano ham and boiled egg sprinkled on top, although it may alternatively be served with pieces of tuna fish in oil. Popular throughout Malaga, in Antequera they have made an art out of it, and have even rediscovered lost recipes for porra, such as white porra or porra made with oranges.


Another essential on a tapas route through Antequera is a good mollete. This soft flat bread roll is one of the culinary symbols of the El Torcal city, and it may have as many fillings as the chef’s imagination can fathom, although the classical filling is extra virgin olive oil and serrano ham. Molletes have been awarded Protected Geographical Indication.


As Antequera is a medium-sized city, it is a perfect destination to stroll through and to discover it while tapas-hopping. In addition to the menu, we should keep a watch-out for the blackboards, that list the tapas that are available that day, and let ourselves be guided by the cheerfulness of the locals, who will recommend the best tapa for each moment, always made with the best produce from the fertile lowlands.

We also recommend enjoying the establishments themselves, because many of the new tapas bars are in old refurbished houses, which provides an unbeatable atmosphere.

Types of tapas

Gastronomy in Antequera is varied, but with the common thread of a respect for tradition and local products. Some of the local chefs are in fact bringing back ancient recipes and adapting them to 21st century gastronomy.
Wine and oil.

To go with the tapas, aside from the traditional caña, we recommend trying the wines from the area, under the Malaga certificate of origin, with wineries in the neighbouring Mollina, as well as the extra virgin olive oils, some of which are considered the best in the world.

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