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Town history
  • Genalguacil is Moorish past, whitewashed houses and flower beds, active enjoyment of nature through beautiful trekking trails, and the newest contemporary art. In the Serrania de Ronda, in the heart of the Genal Valley, this town can boast to be an orchard forest.

    The Natural Park of Reales de Sierra Bermeja (Sierra Bermeja Royals) and Meetings of Art of Genalguacil are the largest claims of the town, inviting to be enjoyed with all five senses.



    The Encuentros de Arte de Genalguacil (Meetings of Art of Genalguacil) They are the biggest claim of the town. Since 1994, artists of any trend or origin exchange their ideas in the town, which becomes a true open-air museum, because the works are exhibited in the streets and in the Municipal Museum.

    From the monumental point of view, the Church of San Pedro Martyr of Verona is the most notable the buildings in Genalguacil. Originally from XVI century and demolished during the rebellion of the Moors in 1570, currently, also very renovated, dating from the XVIII. Baroque with Mozarabs reminiscences, the Church has an octagonal outer tower and three naves separated by semi-circular arches.

  • Genalguacil is to the south of the Serranía de Ronda in the Valle del Genal 120 kilometres from the city of Málaga. Take the A-7 towards Estepona, then get on the MA-557 that connects with the MA-537 that will take you to the village.


    More than 90% of the surface of Genalguacil is covered with forests, so the natural surroundings of this village of the Serrania de Ronda is of great value. Spanish firs, cork and oak are the companions of travellers to enjoy nature with all five senses.

    In our route around Genalguacil, we find the Natural Park of the Royal Sierra Bermeja, where owls, golden eagles, Bonelli and walkways or peregrine falcons are sighted, it is this place that has been listed as Special Protection Area for Birds.

    Genalguacil is also part of the Great Path of Malaga. Until the city reached the stage number 27 from Benalauría, and from it , parts the Stage 28 to Casares. The journey to Casares last about six hours, consisting of 20 km long and runs between Sierra Bermeja and Sierra Crestellina.


    In August, Genalguacil celebrates Art Meetings of Genal Valley where many artists give appointment with their creations, there are also numerous meetings and seminars to exchange experiences.

    The festivity of the Virgen de la Candelaria in February starts the festive year in Genalguacil. It is followed by the Carnival, Night of San Juan or the Festival of Toston in November.

    The festivity of San Pedro Martyr of Verona, in April, has an extensive program of activities, with verbena and the procession of the Holy through the narrow and steep streets of the town.


    As throughout the Serrania de Ronda, the typical products of Genalguacil are excellent, and their cuisine specialties. It includes a hot gazpacho (a thick soup of tomatoes and other vegetables, with potatoes), scrambled eggs with garlic and mushrooms, salmorejo meat (pork with potatoes and fresh chives on the top) and tomato soup.

  • Town history

    The archaeological evidence found in Genalguacil attests to the presence of the Phoenicians and the Greeks in the area. The village, however, was established by the Arabs. Its name derives from "Genna-Alwacir", a phrase meaning "gardens of the vizier" – a hint that a grand vizier or another Arab high-ranking political advisor must have had his residence here.

    After the Catholic Monarchs conquered the region, Genalguacil became an estate belonging to the Duke of Arcos. The Arabs continued to live in town until the Moorish uprising of the sixteenth century. When the riot was stifled, they were expelled and old Christians from distant village were brought in their stead.

    Today, Genalguacil is a popular active and country travel resort. It comprises one of the largest Spanish fir forests in Serranía de Ronda, within the amazing environment of Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja Natural Area. Traditional architecture, charming streets and the Moorish village invite travellers to come all year round.

  • Thee town's cuisine uses many locally-harvested and produced products, such as olive oil, flour and pork sausages. Chestnuts are the area's most significant product and play a critical role in many recipes as the entire area consists of chestnut forests that dubbed the Bosque de Cobre (or Copper Forest). An essential local dish is rabbit stew, hot gazpacho, and scrambled eggs with garlic and mushrooms. And for dessert: fritters at Christmastime, homemade sweets and excellent quality must.

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