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Festividad de Caños Santos

Caños Santos Festival

Cañete La Real, Cañete la Real, 29340

Cañete la Real is a municipality in the region of Guadalteba. During the third week of September, the municipality will hold its Caños Santos Festival. It is a very popular festival enjoyed by locals and people from neighbouring towns as well as by visitors.

The Cañete la Real festivals are organised every year by a Brotherhood that dates back several centuries to before these festivals were announced and held for the first time. Over the course of three days, all the visitors and locals enjoy sports tournaments and performances that take place in the festival tent set up by the Hermandad de la Virgen (The Brotherhood of the Virgin). One of the most anticipated acts is the Ofrenda Floral (Floral Offering) on Saturday night. This is when most locals join together to sing the Salve Regina once the Ofrenda is over.


Parking and transport

  • Can be reached by public transport


  • Out of doors
  • Located in an urban area

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