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Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos

Moors and Christians Festival

Plza. Teniente Viñas, Benalauría, 29491
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On the first Sunday of August, Benalauría celebrates its festival of Moors and Christians, in which the town"s citizens remember, through a street representation, the Mudejar rebellion that occurred in the Serranía de Ronda during the fifteenth century. The representation, which takes place throughout the town, begins with a Moorish band that arrives in the village, sacks the parish church and abducts the patron saint, Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Christian inhabitants initiate the rescue, managing to capture the two sons of the Moorish military chief (qa'id), which provides them with an effective bargaining chip to recover the church and the Saint. The epilogue is a desperate eulogy by the qa'id to the beautiful land where he was born and which now, deported, he will have to abandon forever.

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