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Huevos a lo bestia - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol.

Hearty Eggs (Huevos a lo Bestia)


A real monster of a meal, for the people of Málaga this dish needs no introductions and will leave you feeling more than satisfied. Although the name suggests eggs are the most important ingredient, the three main elements of this delicious dish are pork products: tenderloin, chorizo and morcilla (Spanish black pudding).

2 eggs
Cut of pork tenderloin
2 pieces of morcilla (Spanish black pudding)
1 chorizo
Migas Cortijeras (fried bread crumbs)

Fry the eggs in a frying pan with (very hot) olive oil (it may spit, so be careful).
Cover the tenderloin in lard with a handful of whole cloves of garlic for several hours so the flavour soaks in. Heat it up before serving so the lard melts away.
Put all your ingredients on the plate, and arrange it however you want.

To enjoy this dish to the full, bread is essential – be sure not to forget it!

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