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Porra Antequerana

Porra Antequerana


This is one of the most typical dishes of the province of Málaga and although it appears that it can only be found in the Antequera district, it is actually in pretty much all the villages of the region. This dish is not to be confused with salmorejo, which does appear similar, however the difference lies within, in this case there is a greater presence of bread, pepper and vinegar.

There is also a hot version of this dish that is accompanied by black pudding or bacon, as a result, this version is sometimes called cold or raw porra (soup).

Cateto and asentado bread (crusty or stale local bread)
4 red tomatoes
2 peppers
2-3 garlic cloves
Optional extras: egg, ham and tuna in oil

Cut the bread and leave to soak in a dish whilst you peel the tomatoes (this is not essential, but it will improve the texture)
Place the vegetables into a high sided container to blend them, cut into pieces beforehand to make blending easier. Add the bread, draining most but not all of the moisture. Add salt and vinegar to taste.
Once all the ingredients are blended together, taste to ensure the correct levels of salt and vinegar.
Lastly, slowly add the oil drop by drop.
Let it cool in the fridge for a few hours. Either garnish before serving, or let the guests add toppings to their taste.

To get the perfect texture, remove the seeds from the tomatoes and peppers, also remove the heart of the garlic, or rather, the green bud in the centre.
The bread needs to be of good quality, and be a day old. You should add the oil last to avoid the mix emulsifying.

A popular dish every single summer!

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