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Typical Málaga cuisine

Typical Málaga cuisine

Costa del Sol cuisine has a rich variety of dishes and flavours. Proximity to the sea and the mountains gives rise to a diverse gastronomy, where recipes inspired by the sea can be found side by side with others more typical of inland areas, such as stews. Some of Málaga's most typical dishes are fried fish, porra (a kind of thick gazpacho, served cold), the traditional Málaga salad, ajoblanco (a garlic and almond-based soup), migas (a fried breadcrumb dish) and fresh greens, but there are many more. We'll show you how to prepare them so you too can become a real connoisseur of Málaga cuisine.

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  • Plaza de la Marina,4
  • 29015 Málaga
  • Tel: +34952126272
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