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Bienmesabe - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol.

Almond Biscuit


Although this is a traditional dish and each variation comes with its own history, we prefer to stick with the typical version from Antequera. For the most part it is elaborated at one of the town’s convents.
This dish should not be confused with the version of Bienmesabe from Cádiz – small pieces of fried fish in a traditional marinade which is served at beach bars.

1 kg of sugar
1 kg of almonds
1 dozen eggs
Cider syrup
Sponge cakes for the base
Ground cinnamon

Extend a layer of the cider syrup in a baking pan or casserole dish. Place a layer of sponge cakes over the layer of syrup, and add another layer of syrup over the cakes.
Separately we will prepare the simple syrup using the sugar.
We will prepare the paste by mixing the ground almonds and simple sugar, to which we will add nine eggs and the yolks from the three remaining eggs after they have been well beaten. Heat this mixture on low heat for a few minutes.
Finally, the mixture is added to our casserole dish and topped with a layer of ground cinnamon. Let stand for 1-2 days.

The dish can be decorated by sprinkling a bit of granulated sugar on top. You'll love it! This is where the name of the dish comes from (Bienmesabe in Spanish literally means ‘this tastes delicious’).

Do you want to know more about the typical dishes of the region of Antequera?

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