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A province with a past, a present and a future

From its Arab and Roman roots to its avant-garde and contemporary soul, Malaga is home to spaces which rekindle the culture of all the different civilisations that have passed through our lands, embracing traditional and contemporary art in both its streets and its museums

Cubo Pompidou grande
Pompidou Interior

City of museums, city of culture

A city with culture is a lively, open and vibrant city. Malaga offers one of the broadest and best cultural experiences in Spain, with major museums such as the Thyssen, the Pompidou Centre, the Russian Art Museum, La Térmica and the Picasso Museum. Exclusive guided tours offer a unique way to discover, approach and understand their works, at your own pace, with time to take in every detail.

Arco Alcazaba
Interior Museo Picasso

An open culture, mediterranean-style

In Malaga, culture isn’t locked up inside the museums - you can see it and enjoy it in every corner across the city and the province. Historical monuments such as the Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba reflect its Arab and Roman past. As a port city, open to the world, it’s always welcomed influences from all cultures, helping make it the cosmopolitan city you see today. As well as its historical side, in the city’s.

Teatro Romano Málaga

Culture to enjoy at your own pace

Haste makes for bad company. It stops us enjoying things to the full. The city’s many different museums offer you the luxury of a chance to pause, pay attention, discover and learn at your own pace. The province and its inland towns and villages also invite you to take your time to encounter culture, strolling through cobbled streets and enjoying refreshments in the long shade of churches...

Iglesia Pueblo
Patio Museo Picasso