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The luxury of knowing that anything is possible

Anything you can imagine - playing golf, shopping, partying - just let yourself go. One of the Costa del Sol’s big advantages is the opportunity to do everything you want, all in one day - hike, swim or just relax, party or play golf - whatever you like to do, there’s somewhere for you.

Terraza Hotel Málaga Palacio
Pareja Yoga

Spaces to hit pause and reconnect

Turn off your mobile phone and get ready to disconnect. Not everyone can and some just don’t want to, but if you need to, the Costa del Sol is the perfect place. Luxury hotels offer wellness and relaxation options, providing spaces and activities such as meditation, yoga and massages on the beach, allowing you the chance to find peace and a real sense of connection.

Botes Esencias

Time to do something on a whim

Who doesn’t like an occasional splurge? It’s time to get with the times and enjoy the latest collections from the very best brands in an exclusive, laid-back atmosphere. Gifts for family and friends, or maybe something special to wear at dinner later at the hotel. Get advice from the pros and choose from the most select lines in each range, with a unique and customised service you’re sure to come out a winner, with sustainable fashion, local designs and international trends...

Personal Shopper
Compras Corte Inglés

The beach, our favourite place

Take a bike ride along the seafront, cool off with a refreshing cocktail at the beach bar or club or stroll along the sand at sunset. Our connection with the beach and the Mediterranean Sea has defined much of our culture and gastronomy, the pace of life and our celebrations. The beach is always in our minds and the coastline is full of places where you can laugh, eat, fall in love and above all enjoy yourself.

Playa y Chiringuito
Pareja Bicicleta Playa
Pareja Bicicleta Playa 2
Campo de Golf