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Unique experiences

Unique experiences

Let andalusian culture awaken your senses

Hear the sound of horses trotting along the sand, smell the aroma of stew wafting through the streets, lose yourself in a vineyard with a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses and your favourite company, use your hands to make your own artisanal cheese. Malaga is dotted with places to stop, places to eat and laugh, and experiences which will last a lifetime.

Espectáculo Ecuestre
Pareja Tajo Ronda

Ronda, the city of dreams

Ronda is many cities in one, rediscovered a thousand and one times by writers, artists and famous figures, with surprises awaiting every turn of the corner. This jewel of Andalusia will entrance you with sunsets of indescribable colours and thrill you with the passion of Spain’s oldest bullring, the birthplace of modern bullfighting. A city of dreams, where you’ll fall in love with our culture, our dishes, our wines and our people.

Productos Lácteos
Coche Circuito

Passion, tradition and art at el albero

Ronda’s Royal Cavalry Bullring, dating back to 1895, is the birthplace of modern bullfighting, where important figures in the sport gather every year for its famous Corrida Goyesca. Experience the culture of horsemanship and bullfighting in a space of pure expression honed by centuries of practice and knowledge. Hear the horse’s trot, the huff and puff as it faces the bull, a unique spectacle in a historic enclave.

Plaza Toros Ronda
Pareja con Caballo
Pareja Aperitivo
Pareja paseando
Camino y Viñedos

Authentic gastronomy

Gastronomy in Ronda centres on pairing the usual and the actual, with careful attention to both produce and production. This all comes together to make the Ronda area a rich source of classic recipes such as bulls’ tails and Yemas del Tajo, as well as Restaurante Bardal’s avant-garde dishes.

One fine example of where tradition meets the avant-garde is Descalzos Viejos, one of the peninsula’s most charming wineries. This sixteenth-century Trinitarian Convent was restored for winemaking in the late 1990s following the phylloxera devastation of the nineteenth century and boasts an atmosphere not to be missed.

Bodega Descalzos Viejos