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Día de la pasa 2022

Día de la pasa 2022

    All day 
  • 18 Sep 2022

El Borge is a village renowned for producing raisins. Every year, it hosts Día de la Pasa – the day of the raisin – to promote and honour the dried fruit that is so dear to the municipality. Taking place on the 18 September this year, the event features demonstrations showing you how raisins are made and how they are transported in baskets carried on the harvesters’ heads. If you’re in El Borge for the day, you will most likely be given a bag of raisins as a gift. You will also have the opportunity to try gazpacho, muscatel wine, sausages and other products local to La Axarquía. Verdiales groups and coros rocieros will liven up the atmosphere. Are you going to miss it?

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  • All day (18 Sep 2022)

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