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Día de la Uva Moscatel

Día de la Uva Moscatel

  • 6 Aug 2022

On the first Saturday of August, Iznate hosts Día de la Uva Moscatel, a day celebrating muscat grapes. The event was listed a Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest by Diputación de Málaga in 2004. The festival concludes Iznate’s Semana Cultural, a week in which you can enjoy all sorts of cultural events such as exhibitions, craft and art workshops, flamenco nights, performances by coros rocieros, dance groups, association meetings and much more. Gastronomy is the focus of Día de la Uva Moscatel at the food fair, where the whole village will set up food stands celebrating the local cuisine. Will we see you there?

Opening times

  • 7.30pm (6 Aug 2022)