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Andalusian culture is traditionally linked with the art of flamenco. The cultural value of flamenco led to it being declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and its influence can be clearly seen in the unique nature of the people and the typical festivals in the region. In Málaga province there is an abundance of tablaos (traditional flamenco venues), peñas (local clubs), taverns, fiestas and festivals dedicated to flamenco, where you can discover this art form and experience the magic that is flamenco.

Flamenco fiestas and festivals in Málaga province

Flamenco has a presence in large cities and an even greater one in the small towns of the province. Many towns hold long established flamenco festivals each year, featuring both local and national performers. Here you can experience the typical atmosphere of flamenco tablaos.

One of the most important is the Torre del Cante Flamenco Festival, which takes place in June in Alhaurín de la Torre, and has been declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest. The Villa de Alhaurín el Grande Flamenco Night, in the neighbouring village, is another outstanding flamenco festival.

The Cante Grande Festival in Casabermeja brings together Spain's finest performers and is renowned for its staging, which sees spectators seated around tables as in flamenco tablaos. The city of Ronda provides the perfect backdrop for the Cante Grande Festival in Ronda, one of the oldest in Andalusia. Both these festivals are held in July.

The Flamenco Festival in Coín and the Juan Breva Flamenco Festival in Vélez-Málaga are two other notable events in the province. In Málaga capital the most important is the City of Málaga International Flamenco Festival, which takes place in June.

Flamenco Biennial in Málaga.

The Málaga Flamenco Biennial includes a program of different flamenco shows that take place at different locations in Málaga province. Many are held in such iconic settings as the Nerja Cave, Gibralfar Castle or the Muralla del Carmen in Ronda, which makes for a truly magical night.

There are also associated activities, exhibitions, film screenings and workshops relating to flamenco culture on the Costa del Sol.

Taverns, peñas and flamenco tablaos on the Costa del Sol: flamenco all year round

If you want to enjoy live flamenco music and dancing, we would recommend that you visit one of the Costa del Sol's tablaos, where flamenco is performed throughout the year. You can also visit different taverns and peñas, some of which are as well known as peña Juan Breva, named in honour of one of Málaga's most famous flamenco singers. There are live flamenco performances here every Friday.

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