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Easter in the province

Holy Week

Holy Week in the province of Málaga is well worth a trip. You will encounter a truly unique event and a religious, social and cultural tradition steeped in centuries of history, and one that the locals of the Costa del Sol devote themselves to. Go and experience it for yourself!

Holy Week in Málaga

Holy Week in Málaga is one of the city's biggest events. This event, which has been declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest, amazes first-time visitors with the majesty of its thrones and just how fervently it's celebrated. It's normally celebrated after the first full moon of the March equinox, it lasts a full week and it sees the city's brotherhoods or “cofradías” embark on processions through the streets of the old town.

Holy Week in Málaga begins with the Pollinica (the little donkey that carried Jesus) procession on Palm Sunday. On Easter Monday, we recommend that you watch the figure of the Captive Jesus – one of the images venerated by the people of Málaga most of all – as it is carried over Puente de la Aurora bridge. On Shrove Tuesday, you can go to see the Virgin of El Rocío, known as “the bride of Málaga” due to her white cape, and on Ash Wednesday it is well worth seeing the freeing of a prisoner by the Brotherhood of El Rico.

One of the most symbolic processions takes place on Maundy Thursday, Cristo de la Buena Muerte ("Christ of the Good Death"), which is accompanied by the Spanish Legion as they sing their anthem. On Good Friday, the procession of the Servitas brotherhood is particularly remarkable as they march in absolute silence, with the candles they carry going out as they move along. A unique, astonishing experience.

These are some of the most unique processions, though if you'd like to experience Holy Week like a local, we'd advise you to get hold of a Holy Week Itinerary for Málaga. Here, you will find more detailed information about procession times and the routes the 40-plus brotherhoods take. It's very easy to get this itinerary as most places and tourist information offices give them away for free.

Holy Week in Málaga's villages

Holy Week is celebrated in a very special way in Málaga's villages: Vélez-Málaga, Ronda, Archidona, Campillos, Alhaurín el Grande, Alhaurín de la Torre and Arriate are some of the places we’d recommend given the cultural and artistic array of things there are to see and do there. In Antequera, one of the most popular traditions is known as “Correr La Vega”, which involves running up the hills of Antequera with the icons.

We'd also recommend that you visit El Paso de Riogordo, where the locals expertly recreate the life and Passion of Jesus Christ.

Typical food during Holy Week

Holy Week is also a good time to get stuck into Málaga’s food. These are the dishes you simply must try: cod and chard stew and the famous “torrijas”, sweets typically eaten during Lent and Holy Week. It’s also a good time to enjoy the Costa del Sol's festive atmosphere in addition to everything there is to see and do.

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