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El Calvario y las Eras - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

Calvary and Eras


El Calvarioislocatedon apromontoryon the outskirtsofMonda,withMoorisheras.This isthelaststationofthe CrossEastermondeña; pointson Holy Thursdayevening,wherethe thronesof the Crucified Christandthe VirginMaryarecarriedto thisplacelitbycandlelightand accompaniedbyprocessionalprayers.Likethe crossesthismonumentdates backto the eighteenth century.

At hisfeetlies agreat eraofcircularwhose flooris made ofriversongs.Wasusedforthreshingandventingofcereal.Nearbyareothereras, and some ofMoorishorigin.



  • Inland area

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