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Calzada Romana de Monda - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

Calzada Romana de Monda


The name Monda comes from the Rhaeto-Romance language mondare, meaning “valley between the mountains”, given to the village due to its location. When the Romans came to the land they called Hispania, they created a huge infrastructure network and improved countless roads to make it easier to travel between the villages, agricultural lands and fishing ports. Just outside Monda, in the direction of Coín, you can see a cobbled section of one of these ancient roads that connected the villages of the Guadalhorce valley and Malaka port and the Marbella coastline. Over the years, the road has been repaired to keep it in the best conditions and protect the “spiked worked” stones.



  • Located outside an urban area
  • Inland area

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