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Castillo Hins Canit

Castillo Hins Canit


Hins Canit castle is located in Cañete del Real and dates back to the 9th century.

Its name comes from the Arabic word Qanit, which means tubes, referring to the drainage system that existed and still exists to this day just outside the village.

Construction started on the castle in the 9th century and was completed in the 16th. It was built by the Arabs under the order of Berber leader Wasaya ibn al-Jali.

Throughout its long history, the castle has passed through many different hands, particularly between Muslims and Iberians. It played an important role in the Christian and Granada wars.

In the year 1330, after being conquered for the first time by the Christians, Alfonso XI declared the area a “real” or “royal” municipality.

In the castle you can see three distinct areas: the main access area, the garrison’s living area and the tower. The castle has very high walls and all the areas had wells to store water in times of drought. The castle is currently being restored.



  • Located in an urban area
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