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Fuente de la Placeta

Fuente de la Placeta


Made of finely crafted Antequera stone, the fountain bears the coat of arms of Alameda. A vertical column supports a basin into which four water tubes provide water. The height of the tubes combined with the width of the main column meant users had to fill up their jugs in an unusual way: a hollow rod with a funnel at the top end was used to transfer the water into their jugs. The octagonal basin was used as a drinking trough for cattle. Any excess water was used to water the fields. Opposite the fountain there was an inn called Fonda Osoria where travellers would stay. It was customary that before retiring for the night, they would drink the fountain's waters. Over time, Fuente de la Placeta became a symbol of the village and it still stands proudly in its centre today.



  • Located in an urban area
  • Inland area

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