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Casa de la Inquisición

Casa de la Inquisición


The Inquisition House is a three-story building with an interior patio. The architectural features fit in with the buildings built in the late 15th century. Although it has had some restorations, the wooden ceiling of Mudéjar origin remains preserved. The basement of the dwelling has an expansive space of superimposed arches that form several galleries and vaults. According to historical sources, Alonso Algassy, who was part of the Court of the Inquisition, lived here, giving the home its name. During this time, Torrox was a town where Moors, Christians and Jews lived together, hence why people believed the Inquisition played a pivotal role. Another historical figure who lived here was Luis de Torres, known as "El Lenguas," because he travelled with Christopher Columbus in his discovery of America.



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