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Castillo de la Estrella

Castillo de la Estrella


The Castillo de la Estrella is on a high perch guarding the Guadalteba River and the territory of Teba. The Almohads built it in the 13th century to defend its strategic location at the tributary of a river, making it one of the largest fortresses in Málaga province. With the reconquest, this castle became a great Christian emblem of the Guadalteba region when Scottish knight Sir James Douglas collaborated with the Catholic troops of King Alfonso XI to take over the territory in 1330. Currently, the "Una Crusade en el Guadalteba" Interpretation Centre welcomes visitors to learn the history and visit the remains of this structure. Plus, there is a Scottish Days celebration to commemorate the feats of Scotsman Sir James Douglas are remembered. The festival recreates a medieval atmosphere with markets, cultural activities, shows and samples of traditional foods.



  • Recommended for families
  • Located outside an urban area
  • Inland area

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