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Patio Mausoleo de Jose María el Tempranillo

Mausoleum of José María El Tempranillo


The gravesite of the famous bandit José María, known as "El Tempranillo," is located in the inner courtyard of Alameda's Church of the Immaculate Conception, in Alameda, Malaga. The decoration of the enclosure has all the characteristic elements of the Malaga decoration, for example, surrounded by arches, wrapped between flowers. Inside the patio, the tomb has a stone cross. It's one of the most beautiful places in town where you can visit the remains of this famous and mythical bandit. This interior courtyard is full of colours and traditional details from the area.



  • Located in an urban area
  • Inland area

How to get here

You can reach mausoleum of José María El Tempranillo taking the MA-6415 from the A-45, and you find it in the centre of the village, close to the church of Inmaculada Concepción. First, you must cross the village trough Avda. Libertad, Plaza Constitución, Calle Granada and Plaza de España(placeta). When you arrive to Placeta, turn right to Baja Street, and go on this street until the end, where you must turn left and you will see the church and patio, located in Calle Álamos.

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