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Necrópolis Fenicia de Trayamar

Phoenician Necropolis in Trayamar


Built-in the 7th century BC, following oriental architectural patterns, this set of tombs that the Phoenician colonial towns had located at the mouths of the Vélez and Algarrobo rivers, served to house the cremated remains of members of the local elite. This monument is one of the most critical Phoenician sites in the western Mediterranean. One of the standout pieces on the site is to so-called Trayamar Medallion. Along with the rest of the jewels, it is on display at the Provincial Archaeological Museum in the Málaga Museum.



  • Located outside an urban area
  • Coastal area

How to get here

Algarrobo can be reached from either the Mediterranean Expressway or the old N-340, which follows the coast, by taking the very well marked A-6203.

Full graphical path:

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