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Interior Plaza Toros - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol.

Ronda Bullring


The Royal Cavalry of Ronda was created in 1573. In response to a royal decree of Philip II that was required by the local nobility to organize to keep exercise of the cavalry for military purposes.

It is currently a non-profit organization, true to its origins, remains Riding School as the main sign of identity, and its historic Plaza de Toros, both located on the historic Ronda.

Its historical past and cultural heritage have long become the subject of a major conservation and dissemination. The Royal Cavalry of Ronda holds today recognized leadership in the recovery of family archives, art works, bibliographic and documentary in order to sort them and make them available through its library and archives, researchers in subjects such as heraldry, genealogy, bullfighting, horse riding, power elites, travel literature and the history of Ronda.

The monumental and artistic heritage of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda is available to the public through various collections, such as the Bullfighting Museum, the Royal Saddlery of the House of Orleans and antique firearms, gathered at the precincts of the Plaza de Toros, and the Stables Riding School of oriented discipline of dressage.

The set is a major tourist attraction, one of the most visited monuments in Spain.




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