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Museo de la ciudad de Antequera - Palacio de Nájera

Museo de la Ciudad de Antequera - Palacio de Nájera


This historic building is in the centre of Ronda. Built at the beginning of the 18th century, it served as a mansion for the Eslava family. The main façade is in the Plaza del Coso Viejo and is made of brick, allowing you to identify the different stages of construction. The interior includes a Baroque cloister courtyard with red limestone Tuscan columns. The space has served as the headquarters of the Museum of the City of Antequera (MVCA) where you can see works and remains from different eras of the city's history dating from 1st-century sculptures to contemporary elements. If you like history, it is a must!



  • Adapted for people with disabilities
  • Recommended for families
  • Located in an urban area
  • Inland area




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How to get here

The Palace ofNájera, whichis in theMunicipalMuseum, is located inthe center ofAntequera,in the Plaza delCosoViejo.

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