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Igualeja, donde nace el río Genal

Igualeja, the source of the Genal River


The source of the Genal river –recognised as a Unique Spot by the Provincial Council of Málaga - was the starting point for our Igualeja route. Recognised as a Natural Monument, it's a stunning natural enclave where nature reveals itself in all its glory.

We travelled from here to the upper end of the village looking for the Albaicín neighbourhood, an urban labyrinth of narrow alleyways with walls made of rock that possesses a very special charm. Once we reached the main street, we continued towards the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima and then, just in front of that, we reached Plaza de Andalucía.

We continued our walk towards Plaza del Divino Pastor and Plaza Embovedada, beneath which flows the course of the River Genal. Once we arrived, we went for a pleasant stroll alongside the river, enjoying the sound of the water and unparalleled natural surroundings.

We dedicated the last stretch of our walk to the neighbourhood of Santa Rosa, the best preserved in Igualeja, where we were beguiled in a special way by white houses adorned with flowers.

What’s more, Igualeja is an ideal place for active tourism like hiking or climbing. It boasts the Charco de la Cal and las Caleras trails, as well as a via ferrata located very close to the source of the Genal river.



  • Recommended for families
  • Inland area
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