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Pujerra, paisaje de castaños

Pujerra, a landscape of chestnut trees


Our visit to Pujerra coincided with the Chestnut Festival, a celebration that takes place every autumn, bringing together locals and visitors alike for the village's star product. No sooner had we arrived, we were amazed by the landscape and the burnt colours of the chestnut trees, which really give this village in the Serranía de Ronda its identity. Amongst these trees, one in particular stands out - the Mercedes chestnut - which has a great deal of sentimental value in the village.

Once in the village, we began our walk at the Hiladero Fountain, right next to the entrance to the village. The first thing we did was try one of the region’s typical dishes: refried bean soup.

Later on, we headed down to Plaza de la Iglesia, which is where the popular Chestnut Festival is held. Here we were able to try all sorts of dishes, each with chestnuts as their main ingredient, whilst also enjoying the music and the festive atmosphere in the village.

Pujerra also boasts a number of viewpoints, from which you can take in the spectacular landscape of the High Genal. Perhaps the most impressive is the Mirador Urbano de La Cruz, located in the southern part of the town. From there you can see Cartajima and its karst formation, as well as the spectacular setting of cork oaks and large swathes of chestnut groves.



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