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12 routes you must not miss

There are several routes and paths you can take to enter the Copper Forest where you can discover fabulous scenery and charming little villages peppered with unique spots. Below we give you some ideas as to how to explore these natural settings and how you can enjoy a unique experience to the full, whether for a day or for a weekend.

That said, remember that the Copper Forest is not a public place. The chestnut groves are in fact private and sustain a substantial portion of the region's population. Still, we invite you to explore these places using your eyes and to take photos of them from the existing viewpoints or miradors, or from the villages themselves and, if you would like to go into the forest, we suggest you use local paths or long-distance paths, such as the Great Ronda Path (GR 141). Stages 4, 5 and 6 of this route take place near the Genal river and near the chestnut trees that give the Copper Forest its name.

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