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IV edición Pinsapo Trail de Yunquera - Agenda Ocio Cultural de la Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol.

4th Pinsapo Trail in Yunquera


On 30 March, Yunquera is playing host to the 4th Pinsapo Trail. It is a race across the amazing Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park, along trails flanked by Spanish firs and mountain landscapes.

On the whole, the race runs along 27km, with a total elevation gain of 1,550m. Participants have to be over 15 and fit enough to finish within the maximum racing time.

Certainly, it will be an exciting sports event for both participants and fans, who will all be able to enjoy some of the most stunning views of Sierra de las Nieves, one of Málaga"s most popular natural attractions.



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How to get here

The most advisable route to Yunquera starts at the city of Málaga. Take the A-357 highway towards Campillos. After about 14 kilometres, you will get to Cártama, and immediately after that village, you must take the A-355 to Coín. From that locality, you must continue by way of the A-366 to Alozaina. (This is the same road as the A-355 but this stretch has a different name.) At Alozaina, continue on the same road to Yunquera.

If you start from Ronda, you should take the A-366 too, but towards Málaga. You will come to El Burgo after about 25 kilometres and to Yunquera 9 kilometres farther along.

Full graphical path:

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