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Domingo de Resurrección en Parauta

Easter Sunday in Parauta

  • 1 Apr 2018

The last day of Holy Week is really special in Parauta, as our Lord's resurrection is celebrated and the town expresses itself with this tradition.

On that day Baby Jesus goes through the whole town until he reaches the chapel that can be found at the entrance of the town. That's where they put up the Baby's Garden. The 'costaleros' (bearers) of this image are almost always the youths of the town that sing along the whole route to wake up the parishioners and make them participate in the procession.

Normally the music is played by the voices of the Virgin's companions with songs that are passed down from one generation to another. The meeting between the Virgin of the Rosary and Baby Jesus is the most moving part of the procession, the costaleros carrying the Virgin run towards the ones carrying the Baby and vice versa.

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  •  (1 Apr 2018)

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