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El Huerto del Niño: Pujerra

El Huerto del Niño (The Baby's Garden): Pujerra

  • 1 Apr 2018

The Holy Week festivity in Pujerra starts with 'Huerto del Niño' (The baby's garden), which is elaborated with bouquets collected by the neighbours and visitors during the week; where the religious administrator will be placed on Easter Sunday. On Saturday, the men in the village cut down a big black poplar and they take it to the outskirts of Pujerra to but an effigy on it, which is made by the woman and is to represent Judas. At midnight he's shot down by the youths with guns, and then they set him alight and drag him through the streets of the town.

Easter Week in Pujerra is a very rooted tradition among neighbours as well as being very well-known by tourists. The brotherhood has two religious administrators, two men and two women who are in charge of maintaining and decorating the church throughout the year. Over these days Our Lady of Solitude is on procession.

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  •  (1 Apr 2018)

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