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Ruta por Faraján

Faraján, arabian past and nature


Our visit to Faraján began at the paraje de las Cruces spot. From here we went downwards, with the Genal Valley to our left, to join up with Calle Corchuelo, which took us to Plaza de Andalucía and the Church of San Sebastián.

This is where we entered the old part of the village and its Arabian labyrinth of narrow streets. The walk around this area brought us to Calle la Fuente. From here, we went downwards until we came back to the crossroads.

A little over half a kilometre from Faraján are the Balastar Chorreras (waterfalls)  –recognised as a unique spot by the Provincial Council of Málaga-. We took the time to visit this area made up of small gardens that still have their old irrigation system, which makes use of the water from the Balastar stream. This stream crosses rugged terrain and forms two waterfalls. Thanks to the abundance of water in these mountains, it's possible to enjoy the waterfalls even in the summer months. It's also a fantastic place to go hiking.

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