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El Encuentro: Jubrique

The Meeting: Jubrique

  • 30 Mar 2018

Easter Friday is very special for the inhabitants of Jubrique, Jesus heads for the Stations of the Cross to be crucified and in the bitter path he comes across Virgen Mary who blesses him. Jubrique is very unique in the celebration of his Holy Week as it doesn't have Nazarenes, penitents or a great throne. This village that has around 650 people and they give its humility to Jesus on Good Friday with The Meeting, a procession in which the approach and blessing of the Virgin to her son are the main events of the week.

At about 12 noon there's an absolute silence in the town's square. The articulated Virgen moves and cries, which is carried out by two people. The one in charge of the arms dries up Mary's tears with a tissue, blows a kiss and gives a blessing so that Jesus can continue on to the Station of the Cross where he'll be crucified.

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  •  (30 Mar 2018)

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