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X Pinsapo Trail

X Pinsapo Trail

    To be confirmed  
  • 3 Apr 2022

Yunquera is set to welcome the 10th edition of CXM Pinsapo Trail, a limit-pushing trail race that snakes through the heart of Sierra de las Nieves national park. There are two race distances available: the classic 24k CXM Pinsapo Trail and the Pinsapo marathon coming in at 41k. As you run through the mountains, you will be blown away by the spectacular Spanish fir forests and limestone rockfaces. Suitable distraction from the endless kilometres of mountain paths and at times difficult weather conditions. This race is no mean feat. Are you up for it?



  • Out of doors
  • Recommended for families

Opening times

  • To be confirmed  (3 Apr 2022)




To be confirmed
15€ per ticket

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