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Centro Histórico de Málaga

Málaga Historic Centre


The curious thing about Málaga is that all of its signature monuments are in an area known as the Historic Centre. The churches, convents and palaces holding a tremendous cultural and artistic value are on this group of mostly pedestrian streets with a Moorish air. Taking a walk around this area is pleasant with an atmosphere full of outdoor seating at bars and restaurants becoming the star of the show.

The famous Calle Larios is the primary pedestrian thoroughfare for the old town as most of the other streets end here. It also serves as the nexus for the neighbourhood’s social activity along with being a point of reference for business and commercial activity. You can find the city’s most renowned, fashionable clothing and home goods shops, making it a perfect place or a morning of shopping and leisure.

In August, the old town’s streets are awash with colours, music and Andalusian folklore as the city comes together to celebrate the famous Málaga Fair or Feria de Málaga.

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