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Escenario Sala Amargo - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol.

The Chamber Bitter Flamenca


In the heart ofMálaga,whichstill echoesthe lamentof agypsybuleríaasoleá, a joy...mingling withthe taste ofoldMalagawhere friendshipbecomes stronger,Bitteris theroom, a placewhere the nightsMalacitanaknowartcoplillascompass andsoundingthe air witharomasofRocina, Christ andveronicasuntouchedanddreamforMalagaenjoythe essence thatleaves usin the morning.Bitteris different, a placewhere the hoursdo not pass,where timestands asaslowwave, fondledand caressed bythe people.

Anewbar conceptwhich mixesseveral passions:Easter,the dewand the bulls, a claimperfect for yourweekendnights.Live performancesinfused withrosemaryand incensefragrance

The joy, the smile, kindnessand affectionof the worldis bitter.


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  • Air conditioning

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