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Balneario de Tolox - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

Tolox Spa


Tolox Spa, inaugurated on 1867, is the only spa in Spain strictly specialized in the respiratory system, thanks to the inhaled gas that comes away from its water.

Located near Tolox town, at the foot of Sierra de las Nieves, is at 55 kilometers west from Málaga city, only 42 Km from Marbella and 54 from Ronda, and it is for many reasons unique. Different kinds of inhalation have its different effects : Analgesic, sedative, spasmolytic, decongestant, anti-inflammation and antialergic. They improve the respiration by extending the respiration movements which increase the oxygenation and lung's circulation. It also decrease and fluidificate secretions.

It has one 3 stars hotel and apartments. Platanus hispanica, celctis australis, eucalyptus, phoenix canariensis and washingtonia robusta hundred-years-old surrounds the different buildings, and the chapel, and stretch along the spa walk, being all a private area of 20.000 m crossed by a stream.



  • Located outside an urban area
  • Inland area




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