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Ruta de Aromas, Sabores y Tradiciones - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

Route of flavours and traditions


This excursion will show you the interior of the Costa del Sol, the authentic Andalusia with its traditions and ancient handicraft ship. Its name indicates already that this route will seduce all your senses. We will try the huge variety of oranges, lemons and other fruits, which are grown in this fertile region, while visiting a citrus fruit plantation.

We enter the Biosphere Reserve Sierra de las Nieves on a dirt track – a kind of road which is very common in a world, which strongly differs from the sparkling and modern lifestyle of the Costa del Sol.

The interior of Andalusia is mainly defined by its olive groves, which are cultivated for the production of the “liquid gold” – the olive oil. We visit a modern olive oil mill to get to know the whole process of the oil production, from the olive up to the oil bottle in the supermarket. Finally we will try in an olive oil tasting the different types produced in this mill and will be surprised by the wide range of flavours, aromas and colours. We will also get to know everything about the properties of this real natural treasure for the human body and health.

During lunch in a typical restaurant of the village our palate will be spoilt again with plates based on the traditional local cuisine. Afterwards we stroll through the charming alleys of the “white village” Casarabonela. Discovering its most picturesque corners, we will talk to the current owner of an ancient olive oil mill – an elder man, who worked at the facility from his earliest childhood. He will tell us all his memories and will bring back to life old days.

Our last stop will be the house/workshop of a couple, which still works the esparto grass. This material was used in Andalusia since prehistoric times for the elaboration of shoes, bags and sacks for transporting goods and food, bridles, etc. The preparation of the raw material hasn’t changed since immemorial times, but it’s used now for much more purposes. Be surprised about the possibilities of a material that converts handicraft in real art and finds solutions for any decorative request and any aspect of the daily household.

We promise you a day full of new and unforgettable sensations and experiences.


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