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Sohail Castle


Sohail Castle is located at the mouth of the river Fuengirola, on a small isolated hill that rises 38 meters above sea level. Ever since ancient times, the magnificent geography of this site allowed the continued settlement of its slopes by Punics and Romans.

Archaeological samplings carried out years ago show Roman and possibly Phoenician remains (City of Suel). Later, in the 12th century, the Almoravids built a defensive enclosure with an irregular layout. In 1485 the castle was occupied by the Christian armies.

From then on, the military enclosure began an inevitable process of readaptation of its architecture, such as the substitution of the angled shaft entrance for a direct entrance, the elimination of one of its east towers for the construction of a platform for cannons, or the rearrangement of the southwest corner of the wall with a loophole wall, after it was blown up by the Napoleonic army in the middle of the War of Independence.

The works carried out in recent years by the Escuela Taller del Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola have made it possible for Sohail Castle to be recovered as a meeting place for the people of Fuengirola with its history and as a space for holding different cultural events, such as the famous Festival Ciudad de Fuengirola or the Medieval Market.

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