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Reduce your footprint

Reduce your footprint

Simple actions you can take to reduce your trip’s environmental footprint, helping us conserve our natural environment and contributing to the fight against climate change.

Here are some ideas for responsible travel.

Vuelos más sostenibles

More sustainable flights

If you are flying, review the airline’s environmental commitments and actions. Find out about its emissions and its initiatives to reduce its environmental impact.

Viaja ligero

Travel light

Heavier luggage consumes more fuel to transport it by plane, bus, car, or train. On the Costa del Sol, you will find everything you need.

Actua con responsabilidad

Act responsibly

At your accommodation, use resources responsibly, especially water and energy. Don’t leave taps running or the air conditioning on when you don’t need it.

Alojamientos sostenibles

Sustainable accommodation

Choose sustainable accommodation. Opt for accommodation that works to reduce its carbon footprint.

Consumo productos locales 2

Consume locally-grown produce

While travelling, your choices about how to eat and where impacts the local community and the environment, so be aware when making food choices to make a positive difference.

Trasnporte público

Public transport

Always try to use public transport.

Iniciativas locales

 Local initiatives

Get involved with local initiatives to combat climate change.