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Tourist information

Tourist information

The Costa del Sol is a key tourist destination in Andalusia thanks to its wide range of cultural and leisure activities, as well as providing accessible and barrier-free tourism for all those who visit it, with many of its monuments and museums adapted for everyone.
There are a multitude of plans and activities of all kinds to do in the area, so the best way to organise your trip is to make use of the tourist resources available in the province.

At the tourist offices, you will receive detailed information from the best specialists on what to do in the place you are in, as well as how to plan your route and how to best distribute the time of your visit.
Furthermore, if you are looking for a planned and trouble-free getaway, you have at your disposal more than 500 travel agencies that will adapt the trip to your tastes in a simple way, thus providing you with an unforgettable experience.

We also have the best guides and maps of the Costa del Sol, where you can create your own itinerary according to the type of trip and the plans that best suit you. This way you will not miss any plan or activity to enjoy in the province.