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Playa de Chilches - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

Chilches Beach

Playa de Chilches Vélez-Málaga, 29700, Chilches (Vélez-Málaga), Vélez-Málaga, 29700, Chilches (Vélez-Málaga)

This beach in the town of Vélez-Málaga has three distinctly-marked zones: Estación, Puerta de Hierro and El Cañuelo.

This urban beach with dark sand with moderate waves is 1,750 metres long with an average width of ten metres. The beach is along the N-340 road near many housing developments that are the source of most of the beach’s visitors, ensuring that it has a relatively low occupancy rate.

Chilches Beach is home to a watchtower built in the Moorish era that sought to watch the coast and prevent pirate attacks. The Torre de Chilches was remodelled between 1492 and 1497 and is now inside a private housing development alongside a lookout point where you can enjoy views of the Mediterranean.



  • Recommended for families
  • Located in an urban area
  • Coastal area

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