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Nave central Iglesia de Santiago - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

Church of Santiago


It is a former collegiate church that was built over a mosque in the sixteenth century in the late Gothic style and later modified on more than one occasion. It is located in the highest part of the village, behind the ruins of the Arabic castle, of which part of four towers and some sections of the wall remain. The church is divided into three naves separated by semicircular arches that rest on quadrangular pillars.

The most remarkable parts of this church’s interior are the choir room and the tabernacle chapel. The altarpiece by Rafael Ruiz Liébana overlooks the main chapel, where the Virgen del Rosario (Virgin of the Rosary, a painted wooden carving from the eighteenth century) is located. The structure’s exterior is notable for the façade with its semicircular arch and the three-level tower, fully whitewashed and crowned by a pyramidal ceramic roof.



  • Located in an urban area
  • Inland area

How to get here

The more advisable of the two access routes to Casarabonela from the Costa del Sol is by the A-357 from the city of Málaga to Ardales. In that village take the MA-446, and after travelling about 12 kilometres turn onto the MA-445, which leads to Casarabonela. The other route leaves the A-7 (N-340) expressway on the section between the airport and Torremolinos. the A-366, in the direction of Coín, will take you to Alozaina, and there you must take the A-6208 on to Casarabonela.

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