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Valle del Guadalhorce - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

GDR-The Guadalhorce Valley


TheGuadalhorce Valley,west ofMálaga, is thenaturalstepbetween itand the interior.Their peoplesare identifiedwith the landby the riverGuadalhorce, which crossesvertebra, along with otheraspectssuch as agricultureor history.The areaoffersopportunities for the developmentof activities in contactwith natureand adventuresportssuch ascycling,climbing.It also has arichculturalheritageto discovercultural events,crafts andfolklore, with a clearinfluence of theChristian religion and thetraditional agriculturaland livestocklife.And of coursewe can not forgeta walkthrough the kitchenof the Guadalhorce Valley, highlightinggarden products,citrus fruitsand products of specialcharactersuch as oliveAloreña, orgoatcheeses.


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